“How will you know how well you're doing...or when you’re finished...or how you did?
Establish clear criteria for evaluating success early, when cool heads prevail. If you wait until
the situation is tense,  there’s a temptation to make the metrics match the performance,
rather than the performance meet the criteria.”
Unfortunately, in many programs, completion is defined by an arbitrary milestone  or a
date.  The key to really "declaring success" for an initiative is reaching unambiguous,
predetermined criteria.  For example, it's much better to say the project is complete
when you have reached a certain exception rate, or customer retention level, rather
than when you have reached an end date, or changed a logo on a building.

Identifying the representative measures is important, as well. In an intense situation, it
helps to clearly define the 15 or 20 best indicators of progress or risk, not all 250
potential metrics.
Integrative Strategies will
help you:

  • Determine the most
    important measures
  • Develop
    "dashboards" or
    "radar screens"
  • Ensure critical
    measures are
    highlighted and
    remain in focus.
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